An open and curious mind paves the way for incredible, beautifully simple solutions.

As a coach, I’ve been helping people discover their own personal sense of wonder, and achieve their goals, for more than 25 years.

I will guide you in the search for your true purpose, help you plan a career change or create a better quality of life to feel at ease with yourself. I believe that an open and curious mind is key in this process. It is the first step towards new and surprising viewpoints that allow you to take action; it is the first step in discovering the wonder of your own skills.

My working style

People interested in coaching sessions are facing a challenging situation. An intensive relationship will develop between you and me, your coach. That’s why trust is the essential foundation for our collaboration. At the same time, I believe in the power of support, optimism and even a good laugh. I approach my work with true joy and a great deal of warmth and appreciation. I derive happiness and satisfaction from helping people on their journeys.


I offer informative and entertaining presentations on such topics as:

  • Personality development – personal growth from “professionally self-sabotaging” to a winning style
  • Resilience – walking the line between expectations and your own goals at work
  • Acceptance over tolerance – diversity as a win-win for teams and companies

Please contact me if interested. We will work to find the right format for you and your situation.


I am interested in fostering and promoting a network of professional coaches. I am devoted to supporting professional dialogue along with personal communications and learning from one another. This is at the heart of my efforts to maintain the high level of quality in the coaching industry. For more than ten years I have served on the management board of the International Coach Federation Deutschland e.V. and as chapter host of the regional group in Berlin. You can obtain further information on coaching and current events from the international professional association.

I feel we must be mindful about our differences and the discovery of resources and qualities that are frequently untapped – in more ways than we might think possible. To raise awareness among people and organisations on the subject of diversity, I assist the Völklinger Kreis e.V. as an active contributor and member.


Donations from coaching income

I want to give back some of what I receive from my community and my clients. Every year, I donate a portion of my income to a project that helps make the world a better place.

In my January newsletter, I will include a note about which charity I supported the year before.


Education and further training

  • Degree in Adult Education, Free University of Berlin
  • Paedagogical dialogue training based on the Rogers method, University of Kiel
  • Developmental coaching with Mike Jay, B-Coach, USA
  • NLP trainer and degree in resonance coaching, NLP resonance training, Vienna
  • Licensed for Psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie) in Germany
  • Voice training, University of Kiel and Vivien Lee, Berlin
  • Spiral Dynamics ® – Level I und II, Christopher C. Cowan & Natasha Todorovic
  • Reiss Motivation Profile ®, RMP Master, RMP germany GmbH
  • MBTI ®-Master, a-m-t Radevormwald
  • PCC (professional certified coach), International Coach Federation (ICF)



My services are available in German or English.


Leisure activities

To maintain my work-life balance and gain new inspiration, I like to run outdoors or spend time with good friends and colleagues. Music helps me express my inner voice.