Individual coaching

Duration and intensity of your coaching sessions

The coaching process and individual coaching sessions are always aligned to your personal situation and the complexity of your concerns. You and I will define this together. There is no “one size fits all” duration or intensity of a coaching programme, because everyone’s situation is different. Based on many years of experience, I offer a range of coaching packages for self-paying clients. I offer a free, no-obligation introductory session so that we can outline the relevant issues while defining your personal coaching plan together.

Telephone coaching as a complement to one-on-one sessions

Telephone coaching is available in addition to, or in place of, one-on-one sessions. I am available by phone so that you can reach me while travelling as well. Telephone coaching is highly efficient. In my experience, many issues can be spotlighted in a very focused manner.


Coaching packages

Based on my many years of experience, the following types of coaching packages for self-paying clients have proven to be useful. I would be happy to discuss the best solution for your personal needs, or create a custom package for you.

Mini package

Coaching package with one introductory session and one whole day or two half-days to assist with a decision, to prepare for an important event or to work on another straightforward topic.

Extended development and achievement package

Four-month coaching package to develop new strategies for your situation and achieve your goals. You will receive comprehensive support for your process and intensive coaching sessions as the situation requires in order to assist with your situation, your goal or change.

Comprehensive guidance and change package

Guidance for an entire year that starts with an intensive kick-off session, two half-days in the middle and toward the end of the year, and regular sessions in between for comprehensive support of your development or change process.

Each session lasts around 60 minutes. Other arrangements are available on request.

What Clients say

Martin has helped me through a period of meaningful career changes with quite helpful coaching. Together we have designed options for my further path and created more clarity for the working vision I find attractive for my future.
Martin’s contribution enabled me to better know where I would like to go. I have experienced him as a sensitive and empathetic coach, who frequently asked the “right” questions that triggered lasting reflecting processes within me.
Martin Jessen is a versed and experienced coach, who has obviously worked in many different settings and with quite a number of topics. I can recommend him to anyone who is in search of a well-established coach.


Mattihas von Mitzlaff

Change Facilitator and Coach at IBM GLOBAL Business Services