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For many people, the ability to feel a sense of wonder, and to be curious about the world and their own existence, gets lost hustle and bustle of every day life. Coaching can introduce you to unusual perspectives, an enlightening sense of wonder and a new zest for life.

My coaching sessions help people to discover and implement their own creative methods of finding the courage to approach their professional and personal development with new, practical tools. The first step toward change is always to identify your situation, so that you can reach your goals step by step with inner conviction and confidence. Once you know what you want to change, you can see the new road ahead with clarity, and stop sabotaging your own professional development.

Allow yourself to experience wonder. Often, the things you don’t immediately understand are the ones that suddenly present new opportunities. Coaching sessions will teach you about your personality. You will learn about your preferences and what drives you.


Break out of your inertia, and try the “impossible”

Transitioning from “professional self-sabotage” to a winning style

By working closely with people in challenging situations, I have developed a deep interest in the interaction between external factors and inner reinforcements. These inner reinforcements are precisely what keep people from advancing, and cause them to stand in their own way – be it consciously or subconsciously. I call this “professionally self-sabotaging”, because the strengths and strategies that people develop in the process are more precise and deep-seated than you would expect. This realisation is essential in developing effective problem-solving strategies – which in turn help you reach your goals and achieve a winning style.


Key areas of my work

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently, and get things rolling – step by step to your goal

Everyone lacks motivation from time to time. In our minds, small obstacles can easily become impossible hurdles, and this vicious circle is tough to escape. Find out what drives you. Learn how to use your own motivational forces and to translate your inner desires into your external image, step by step.

Clear decision-making

You can’t have a “good feeling” about what you do each day until the decisions you make with your head match those you make with your heart – and both become part of a whole. Learn to sense and respect your own motivation for bringing ideas to life.

Self-confidence for an authentic, professional image and communicative style

Presentations and communications with clients, supervisors and employees require a great deal of self-confidence and inner certainty. Enhance your image and your impact in a professional environment and in challenging situations. My years of experience in the performing arts are helpful in my work, as I help others understand the impact of their own appearance and the use of their own voice while they improve their personal skills. Working with your inner, emotional barriers and the conscious use of your body can often open up new opportunities. The resulting self-confidence will help you approaching others with self‑confidence and authenticity.

Walking the line between obligations and expectations

Time and again, we experience stress at work or at home. Identifying your own position, standing behind it and learning to say “no” in very challenging times requires strength and courage. Inner harmony will help you face your obligations while accepting and communicating your own boundaries. Learn to listen to your own well-being, while being mindful of your life and health.

Professional or personal guidance

Taking a close look at your professional and personal plans will reveal how you can achieve the work-life balance, especially when you are entering a new phase – such as returning to work or starting a company. On the one hand, you must be realistic about your family and your job situation. On the other hand, creative ways of making room for your hopes and dreams are just as important.

Discover your creative potential

In my coaching and training sessions, I place great emphasis on enabling a steady change toward the next level of knowledge and experience. Because of my professional background in the arts, I encourage people to tap into their creative potential, while taking account of their own values and individual needs and skills.


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Martin has helped me through a period of meaningful career changes with quite helpful coaching. Together we have designed options for my further path and created more clarity for the working vision I find attractive for my future.
Martin’s contribution enabled me to better know where I would like to go. I have experienced him as a sensitive and empathetic coach, who frequently asked the “right” questions that triggered lasting reflecting processes within me.
Martin Jessen is a versed and experienced coach, who has obviously worked in many different settings and with quite a number of topics. I can recommend him to anyone who is in search of a well-established coach.

Matthias von Mitzlaff

Change facilitator and Coach at IBM Global Business Services





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Die Kunst im Coaching besteht darin, die passende Intervention für den Klienten zu nutzen, mit dem wir geradewegs zum Kern der Lösung kommen.

Artikel von Martin Jessen, erschienen in: Armin Fichtner, Werner Müller (Hrsg.)
: Management-Coaching – Beispiele aus der Praxis (Band 1); epubli GmbH, Berlin 2015

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